The Treetops path

The longest path in treetops on the world, length 1300m. Walking above unspoiled nature at 8 to 25 m height, it is a marvellous experience offered by the Treetops path in the Bavarian forest national park.

An entrance tower to the worlds largest attraction of this kind is situated at parking besides an animal run. It is equipped by lift to enable comfortable access for seniors, wheelchair users and parents with prams.

The mostly wooden footbridge considerately placed in the mixed forest fitted with didactic and orientation boards let you discover local unforgettable landscape and various fauna and flora.

The path, 1.300 m long, is finished by a 44 meters high observation tower which presents wonderful, almost unlimited outlook towards the Luzny mount non-settled wilderness, opposite thoroughly cultivated land of the Bavarian forest with Alps on the horizon.

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