A beautiful valley of Bílý potok (the White Stream), the only waterfall in Šumava.
It is a charming ruin with a Neo-Renaissance castle wing.
A glacial lake situated on a south side the Lake Mountain.
The Name was used for a narrow primeval forest territory, which makes a natural south-west border line of the Bohemia.
An unique natural ZOO in the centre of marvellous Šumava wildlife.
It is located at the border with the Germany, the altitude 1293 m, 8 km west from Hojsova Stráž.
It is one of peaks on a hiking trail Pancíř – Můstek – Prenet.
The lade is situated at the altitude 1096 m below the Plesná mount, which is the highest position of all eight lakes located in the Šumava region.
The longest path in treetops on the world, length 1300m.
It spreads around former fortress on the river Ostružná banks since 1352.
It has the altitude 1070 m and is located 7 km south-east from the town Nýrsko is an utmost point of the Pancíř (Armor) ridge.